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Event Title: Training in A.pol.o.get.tics
09-May-2017 to 10-May-2017
Venue: Full Gospel Tabernacle

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Dear Pastors, Elders & Church Leaders,
The Christian faith has been increasingly under attack by people of other faiths in recent years. The doctrine of the death, resurrection and divinity of Christ have been challenged and the authenticity and reliability of the Scriptures have been questioned.
How do we make a defense for these truths on which our faith stands upon? How do we engage and answer our critics who are bent on discrediting the truth?
The answer is by getting ourselves trained in Apologetic - the intellectual, academic or rhetorical process of defending the faith.
On 9th & 10th May, we will be organizing a Training in Apologetic at the Full Gospel Tabernacle USJ. This training will be a repeat of the one we had last year also in the month of May. Many of the previous participants commented that they greatly benefited from the training and felt that we need to make it more widely available in the light of the increasing attacks faced by our members.

I highly recommend this training for your leadership, pastoral staff, youth pastors and members. Please consider sending your key leaders to this training.

Thank you,

Rev Andy Chi
Assistant Secretary-General