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Event Title: Merdeka Prayer Celebration 2002
21-Jul-2002 to 31-Aug-2002 Past Event
Venue: Nationwide
Organizer: NECF Malaysia

Thank you for being part of the Lighting Up Our Nation 2002. We would appreciate your feedbacks as partners in this prayer movement for our nation. Please give exact details of testimonies or reports so that we encourage others.

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(Merdeka Prayer Rally, 30/8/2002, Wisma MCA)

By Ng Wah Lok

When it rained at 3.00 p.m., I knew we were headed for massive traffic jams in the Klang Valley. Of all days, it had to rain on our Merdeka Prayer Rally Day. Some literally took two hours to reach Wisma MCA. But why did the 1000 odd people want to go through all the trouble, battling traffic jams, to attend a 4 ½ hour prayer rally at Wisma MCA which ends at 12.00 midnight?

It all began 40 days earlier, when the Prayer Commission of NECF launched the 40-day prayer and fast across the nation. During this 40 days prayer and fast, Christians across Malaysia were encouraged to fast for the nation. The lunch money saved during the fasting was to be kept aside and given to the poor. The Merdeka Prayer Rally on 30th August 2002 is the culmination of this event. This year, an estimated 60000 people participated in the rally across Malaysia. 60000 prayer booklets were sold.

The Merdeka Prayer Rally started at 7.45 p.m. with the filming of the video Transformation. Following that, worship began and the meeting took off with a wonderful spirit of praise. The people came ready for worship and the awesome presence of God was there from the start. Amazingly, the worship team consisted of a team of young dancers from the Sungei Way Methodist Church, some as young as 6 years old, who worshipped with tambourines and banners. What a message that brought. Prayer Rallies are for families, young and old together. These young dancers stayed all the way to 12.00 midnight.

Time flew past quickly. The Hope of Glory presented a dance with banners entitled "Take us to the River". Rev Prince Guneratnam and Rich Marshall brought messages of the need for holiness. A youth group presented their original song and that was followed by prayer for the youth in our nation. 3 pastors prayed in Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa Malaysia for the different language works. The congregation was also divided into small groups to pray over the "12 influences" over the nation.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the night was the announcement of the "lunch money" collected for the poor. It was reported that approximately RM 260,000.00 was collected from various churches and all these money will be given to the poor. What a wonderful testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ.

At 11.20 p.m., it was time for the final run up to Merdeka Day. While the worship leader led with the songs "Shine Jesus Shine" and "Let Your flame burn brighter", a team carried flags of Malaysia and all the states across the hall. The congregation were also waving a sea of Malaysian flags What an awesome sight to view a sea of Malaysian flags across the hall, with people praying for Jesus to shine across Malaysia.

At 11.40 p.m., the Pastors were called to the front and each one lighted a candle to signify the light of Jesus shining. The atmosphere changed from celebration to worship with the song "It's all about You, Jesus". For the next 20 minutes, we reflected how our work for God in Malaysia is all about Jesus. At 12.00 midnight, Pastor Khor led the congregation with shouts "Merdeka, Malaysia for Jesus" seven times. The mood changed to celebration again, for God's goodness on our nation.

As the worship leader, I was amazed the time flew past so quickly. At 12.00 midnight, many were still around, staying till the end of the service. I personally felt a strong presence of God throughout the night. The mood of the service alternated between celebration, prayer and worship. When the meeting ended, I wished we had another hour to linger on in God's presence. On second thoughts, the 6 year tambourine dancer does need to go home to sleep.

What an experience of God's awesome presence at our Merdeka Prayer Rally, 30th August 2002. Prayer does leaves a lasting impression on your life.

July 21 - August 29 2002:
40-Day Prayer and Fast

August 30:
Nationwide Merdeka Prayer Rallies
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August 31:
Nationwide Merdeka Community Projects

Kuala Lumpur (Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang) • Kangar • Alor Setar •
Penang • Seberang Perai • Taiping • Ipoh • Sitiawan • Klang • Rawang •
Kajang • Seremban • Malacca • Muar • Kluang • Johor Baru • Kuantan • Dungun • Kuala Terengganu • Kota Baru • Kuching • Miri •
Kota Kinabalu • Tawau

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Merdeka Eve Prayer Rallies

ONCE again, we dedicate August 30 night to praying for the nation in conjunction with the nation’s Merdeka Day celebration. Christians across the land in 14 states will join hearts in the most important prayer event for the year - the nationwide Merdeka Prayer Rallies.

This year, Christians in the Klang Valley will meet at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur, for a night of prayer and celebration. (For the meeting places in other states, see table below for the names of contact persons and their telephone numbers.)

Join us as we call upon the Lord for His mercy and grace to pour on this land.

Place Contact Person Tel. No.
Alor Setar Pr Leonard 04-733 1712
Penang Pr Andrew
Pr Soon Hock
04-642 5709
04-228 7110
Ipoh Pr Clement 05-313 4511
Johore Pr John 07-241 1645
K. Terengganu Pr Koshy 09-617 0830
Kangar Pr Heng 04-976 7853
Kluang Pr Sunther 019-726 7634
Kota Bahru Pr Rodney 09-748 2596
Kota Kinabalu Pr Chin
Dr Philip Lyn
088-422 938
088-238 668
Kuantan Pr Richard 09-555 2127
Kajang Pr Chan 03-8736 1890
Klang Pr Jerry 03-3344 4925
Kuching Pr Peter 010-877 0012
Muar Bro Daniel Tay 06-951 9520
Malacca Pr James
Pr Jerry
06-231 0371
06-283 7913
Seberang Prai Pr Raj 04-582 0136
Seremban Pr Voon 06-765 3777
Sitiawan Pr Ling 012-528 4281
Taiping Pr Bernard 05-808 0751
Tawau Pr Teh / Eric 089-776 589
Rawang Pr Sim 03-609 1800


40-Day Prayer and Fast Calendar Booklet
  • English ( PDF Format, 705KB)
  • BM ( PDF Format, 629KB)
  • Chinese ( PDF Format, 8.6MB)

To download onto your PC, right click on the hyperlink and "Save Target As" (Netscape users, "Save Link As") and choose where to save the file.

To obtain a hardcopy of the 40-Day Prayer and Fast Calenndar booklet, please contact the NECF (Malaysia) office.

The Purposes of Fasting with Prayer
Proud Spirits and Humble Hearts
How to Enjoy the 40 days
How to Fast
How to Involve others


Congratulations! You are embarking on an exciting journey where you will experience God’s strength and His promise "My grace is sufficient for you , for my power is made perfect in weakness." You are taking this journey because you love Malaysia and Malaysia needs the Lord Jesus.

This year, our prayer booklet is structured to be a journey. It is a journey to examine your motives, heart and passion for Malaysia. Each day of the week you will be led to pray for certain issues. Each week will then lead you from Repentance to Renewal to Restoration to Revival to Release finally to Redemption. Be encouraged to DECLARE the Word and ACT on your prayers.

This year, we have also added two new dimensions to the 40-day prayer and fasting period:

  1. In obedience to the revelation of Isaiah 58 and Matthew 14:13-21, you are encouraged to sow the money saved from meals fasted which will be given to charity through NECF. What a wonderful way to be a blessing to the nation! (2 Corinthians 9:13-15).

  2. A "God @ Work" National Conference has been planned for KL (Aug 28-29) and two seminars in Penang (Aug 23-24) and Ipoh (Aug 25-26) to challenge and equip Christians for the task of transforming their cities through effective witness in the workplace.

Nationwide Combined Churches Launches of the 40-Day Prayer and Fast

Date Place Address Person in charge NECF staff
3 July (Wed) PJ churches New Life Restoration Centre
8 Jalan 227, PJ
Grace Hee Lei Wah, Lucrece Adeline Koh
Patrick Cheng
Bee Gaik
3 July (Wed) KL Central churches FGA, KL Ann Low, Josephine, MS Maniam Frances
5 July (Fri) Subang churches Acts Church
34B Jalan SS15/8 Subang Jaya
Ann Low, Irene, Jennifer & Dai May  
5 July (Fri) Ampang churches The Hope of Glory
1B & 1C, Jln Wawasan Ampang 2/2 Bandar Baru Ampang
Ruth Lee
Bro. Kim Kong will be sharing.
Kathryn Tan
5 July (Fri) Kuala Terengganu churches   Pr. Koshy Thomas  
6 July (Sat) Sitiawan churches Pioneer Methodist Church
K 6, Kampung Koh
Pr. Ling Bek Sing Pr.Lai Moo Him
6 July (Sat) Kuantan churches Christian Praise Centre
B-148/150 Jalan Air Putih
Taman Megah- off Jln Beserah
Pr. Richard Ong Ann Low
7 July (Sun) Ipoh churches Elim Gospel Hall
6, Jalan Chong Thye Phin
Pr. Lai Moo Him  
9 July (Tues) Teluk Intan churches   Pr. Lai Moo Him  
10 July (Wed) Alor Setar churches Gereja Baptis Triniti
1582, Lorong Tiong
Jalan Telok Wanjah
Alor Setar
Pr Lai Moo Him  
10 July (Wed) KL-North/Central churches Faith Charismatic Centre
470, 1st Floor Wisma TCL
Batu Tiga, Jln Ipoh
Pr. Lazarus Chin
Ruth Lee
Ann Low
11 July (Wed) Menglembu, Perak Lutheran churches Pr. Lai Moo Him  
11 July (Thurs) Malacca churches Wesley Methodist Church
358, Jalan Tengkera
Pr. James
Ann Low
12 July (Fri) Klang churches Harvest Christian Assembly
16 & 18 Jalan Tiara 4
Bandar Baru Klang
Pr. Jerry Ann Low
12 July (Fri) Kangar churches Kangar Baptist Church
1A Jalan Dato Wan Ahmad
Grace Hee  
16 July (Tues) Kajang churches Kajang Assembly of God
52 Jalan Timur
Pr. Kala
Patrick Cheng
17 July (Wed) Penang churches Georgetown Baptist Church
14, Jalan Larut
Pr Soon Hock Ann Low
17 July (Wed) Kota Bahru churches First Assembly
3813(3rdFlr) Jalan Hamzah
Kota Bahru
Bro. Kim Kong Pr. Lai Moo Him