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Event Title: Pastors' Prayer Shield Campaign
26-Feb-2001 to 26-Feb-2001 Past Event
Venue: Calvary Church
Email: enquiries@necf.org.my

26 February 2001
Calvary Church
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When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up--one on one side, one on the other--so that his hands remained steady till sunset. - Exodus 17:12

Results of the Nationwide Pastors Prayer Shield Campaign - 2001

Scripture-based Prayers to Pray for Your Pastors



  • Raise up a greater understanding of the church members love for and appreciation of their pastors
  • Raise up a shield of prayer around every pastor in the local church nationwide
  • Raise 100,000 partners in prayer for pastors nationwide
"Preachers need the prayers of people" - E.M. Bounds



  • Long hours
  • Low pay
  • Stress-related crisis in ministry
  • Conflicts with congregation
  • Lonely job
  • Problem with self-image
  • Negative influence on their families
"The Preacher's Cry: Pray for us" - E.M Bounds


  1. Charles Finney - Abel Clary
  2. D.L. Moody - Marianne Adlard
  3. Billy Graham - Team of prayer partners
  4. John Maxwell - Bill Klassen
  5. Max Lucado - 120 church prayer partners
"The most underutilized source of spiritual power in our churches today is intercession for Christian leaders" - Dr. Peter Wagner


  • Launch of the "Pastors Prayer Shield " campaign nationwide
  • Prayer partners for pastors? enlistment form
  • Prayer Guide for pastors
  • Prayers to include pastors? spouses and family members
  • Prayer Leaders to be appointed in each local church
  • IMPORTANT: Feedback to NECF Prayer Commission on number of sign-ups to be Partners in Prayer. Our goal is 100,000!

Vision Forward:

Although called a campaign as a start , our desire is that it will sustain and grow with time such that every elder, deacon, cell leader, group leader will also be covered in prayer. When the Church is fully supported by prayer, we can then move into the communities and partner up in prayer for our community leaders!


Some examples of what has been done in certain churches to raise prayer partners for the pastors.

Bookmarks to remind the members to pray for their pastors and families

Raising the Prayer Shield around the senior pastor in the local churches in PJ


An Initiative of the Prayer Commission of NECF Malaysia to raise 100,000 partners in prayer to support & strengthen their ministry.