Malaysia will be marked by major changes and trends that will have significant national implications in the next millennium. These rapid forces of change seen as development will ultimately impact the values, ethics, and lifestyle of the people.

Churches in Malaysia will have to discern and understand these implications in order to respond to the continuing challenges and needs. Here is where NECF needs to play the role of uniting the efforts and concerting the vision and plans of the churches. In doing so NECF needs to accurately monitor the unfolding signs of our nation, assess the current trends and development, and encourage effective and excellent ministries in our churches.

Therefore, NECF will seek to do the following:

  1. To continue to be a strong evangelical voice for our churches in the role of nation building through visible positive responses towards the needs and changes in a developing and progressive nation.
  2. To further strengthen our churches through various commissions of the Fellowship that will seek to motivate, equip, and develop their ministries to be functional and relevant for the new challenges and context for ministry.
  3. To focus on research, data collection, development of resource materials, networking, strategic thinking and critical approaches to suggested ministries in anticipation of the future challenges.
  4. To train and equip the second generation of leaders and to build up their potential and capacity to actualise the corporate vision and future challenges of the church.
  5. To continue to be a catalyst for change, facilitator for development, and an equipper for ministry.
  6. To be involved in global cooperation and partnership in establishing and strengthening other national evangelical fellowships in the world.

NECF was birthed as a result of individuals and churches that desired to stay true to the Bible and the Gospel witness in Malaysia and therefore, as fellowship of evangelical Christians, we will continue to endeavour to maintain our distinctive presence in this land.