40-Day Prayer Calendar / Booklet

40-Day Prayer Calendar Booklets Available in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Tamil and Children's Version (English) Prayer Book - Children Friendly
Prayer Calendar Booklets in the following languages are available:
English, BM, Chinese, Tamil
New addition for this year:
Children's Guide to the 40-Day Fast and Prayer in English, BM, Chinese.

The above Prayer Booklets and charity boxes have been sent out to many churches already and more are being sent out. Please contact your local church office for a copy, or contact NECF Malaysia office. The following softcopies can be downloaded here for your convenience:

40-Day Fast and Prayer Guide Book

Children's Guide to the 40-Day Fast and Prayer

Sample pages from the Children's Guide:

"My House shall be called a House of Prayer" (Isaiah 56:7)
Praying Round the Clock for Malaysia - SignUP eCARD - Tell a Friend Merdeka Prayer Rallies & Who to contact in Your Locality 40-Day Prayer Calendar / Booklet