Your Involvement

 For the Fellowship to be articulate and effective in its evangelical expression, we need your valuable guidance and feedback. Your constructive input and response to issues and problems affecting the Church and society will be most needed for our study, research and publication. NECF needs to be strategic in its thinking and response.

The effective representation of the organisation depends very much on the strength of the membership and their active participation. The membership of NECF must continue to grow to achieve a critical mass where the greater majority of the evangelicals are members or collaborating partners in its representation. This is a corollary to Government recognition and a witness to the nation. You can be one of the partners of NECF by signing your membership now.

A corporate vision and future challenges may be clear but without people of God willing to serve full-time in different capacities in NECF not much can be done. May you seriously and prayerfully ask this question: "Am I the one called to make things happen in NECF?" This will be evidenced by your willingness to make a career risk primarily in terms of giving yourself full-time to actualise the future challenges of the Fellowship.