Prayer Cells


How can NECF be of service to you in this Prayer Vision?

  1. NECF through the Prayer Commission will continue to instill a sense of urgency for His Kingdom and foster a spirit of prayer in the local church.
  2. NECF through the services of the Prayer Commission will provide consultation, facilitation, assistance, networking, training and other services to churches and individuals who are interested to initiate Prayer Cells within their spheres and realms of influence for the purposes mentioned above.

What is our Prayer Vision?

The theme for the NECF Malaysia nation-building agenda is "Transforming the Nation through the Local Church". To realise this theme, it is our desire to see Christians all over the nation engage in prayer for Malaysian society (1) within their local church corporate prayer gatherings, and (2) through the mobilisation of Prayer Cells.


What are Prayer Cells?

While the local church prayer gatherings are held in the church, Prayer Cells are Christians in every sphere of society coming together to intentionally and regularly pray outside of their churches in homes, schools, campuses, business premises, offices, factories, etc for the purpose of witnessing for the kingdom of God and transforming every sector of society.


Why Prayer Cells and what we hope to achieve?

  • The focus of Prayer Cells is to manifest the Kingdom of God in the world through concerted and intentional prayers.
  • As Christians pray together in Prayer Cells, the power of the Kingdom of God will be released and established, thus bringing transformation to every sector and institution of society.
  • Through Prayer Cells, we exercise the principle of 'putting our foot down to take possession of the land' in faith.
  • Through Prayer Cells, we connect believers and empower them to be agents of transformation to the nation and the world.
  • Through Prayer Cells, we sensitize, mobilize and move believers towards fulfilling their calling and purpose to bring transformation to the nation and the world through the 'Greatest Commandment' and the 'Great Commission'.


How can Prayer Cells benefit the Local Church and Society?

  • Prayer Cells imbibe believers with a sense of urgency and a spirit of transformational prayer. This will lead believers to pray intentionally and strategically, thus benefitting the church and the nation as a whole.
  • Prayer Cells do not substitute the local church prayer meetings or Cell Groups. The local church must play the role of encouraging, nurturing and equipping believers for focused and intentional prayer through their own local church prayer meetings.
  • When Christians pray together in intentional and strategic intercession in their local church as well as Prayer Cells, it will lead to actions of influence and outreach in the nation and the world.


Those who would like to participate in this movement, please sign up through NECF.
For enquiries and sign-up please send email to