G-Day (One God, One People, One Voice) - Audio CD

G-Day Audio CD

In partnership with GDOP (Global Day of Prayer) Malaysia Committee (affiliated to Prayer Commission, NECF Malaysia), Oops Asia and High Praise Ministries have produced an album (CD) entitled G-Day (One God, One People, One Voice). G-Day stands for GDOP, God's day in this nation!

The album consists of 10 original songs i.e. two Bahasa Malaysia songs, one Mandarin song and seven English songs, all written by local Christians from different parts of Malaysia.

  1. We Declare - Patrick Leong
  2. Kasih - Julia Pong
  3. In One Moment - Karine Loo
  4. I Offer My Heart To You - Joanne Loh
  5. Show Me - Matthew Dass (Infuse)
  6. Jesus You Are - Gabby Tham
  7. Relent - Josh Yeoh
  8. Father We Ask - Pastor Alvin Tan & Patrick Leong
  9. Let This Be The Day - Anson Ong
  10. Satu Doa - Patrick Leong

The album is part of the GDOP Malaysia fund-raising effort to help cover the expenses of the 2010 GDOP event in Stadium Malawati, May 23rd. The album also seeks to create an excitement and continuity in the hearts of the people after the Stadium event with these songs that the Lord inspired through His people in this season. Some of the songs in the album will be used in the worship and prayer program of GDOP Stadium event.

The album, which is professionally made, is priced at only RM15.00 per copy. We appeal to your support and partnership in this CD-Album fund-raising effort. To purchase the CD-Album please contact NECF Malaysia at +603-7727 8227.

We encourage you to purchase a few copies as gift as well!