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In preparation for our impending 13th General Election, we are calling for the Malaysian Church to intensify their efforts in prayer. We believe this election is crucial and will determine the future of this nation. As the Church, we are called to be the House of Prayer for our nation. As a House of Prayer, we are to stand in the gap and steer this nation unto Him. Therefore we would like to invite you to join us in this initiative that will be conducted nation-wide. Below are some suggestions of what your Church can do in regards to this initiative.

Phase 1: From now till dissolution of Parliament

We encourage Churches to:

  1. Adopt their local parliamentary constituency and state seats as well as others outside their area (preferably in rural and churchless areas) for prayer
  2. Organize weekly/frequent prayer walk/drive around their area/town/city; particularly at schools where polling usually take place
  3. Organize/participate in Inter-Church Combine Prayer Meetings for coming GE
  4. Set aside one day in a week to fast and pray
  5. To create 24 hour prayer chain team/s to pray round the clock

Phase 2: From dissolution of Parliament to Election

We call on Churches to:

  1. Organize fasting and prayer throughout this period
  2. Mobilize local 24 hour prayer chain teams to sign up and participate in our 24/7 prayer cover throughout this period


As we pray, the Lord will act on our behalf. May His Kingdom come and His will be done here in our land as it is in heaven. Amen

Note: For those residing in a different country (different timezone) please factor in the time difference when signing up, thanks.


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