An Evangelical Footprint

An Evangelical Footprint:
Leaving A Spiritual Legacy For Future Generations

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ISBN 978-983-42296-3-4

Published by
NECF Malaysia
32, Jalan SS2/103
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.


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We are pleased to announce our latest publication, An Evangelical Footprint: Leaving A Spiritual Legacy for Future Generations.

This book was published in conjunction with NECF Malaysia’s 30th Anniversary and was launched on 12 May 2012, when we also held our 13th Bi-ennial General Meeting. The book’s emphasis is on the spiritual legacies of leading evangelicals in the different spheres of influence, also called the seven mountains, namely the Church (religion), Government, Business, Arts, Education, Family and Media. We have interviewed more than 40 Christians in these fields on their thoughts about applying their faith to the realities of daily work and life.

It is hoped that the book will serve to inspire and encourage more Christians to be salt and light in different arenas. The Kingdom of God extends beyond the walls of the Church and more ambassadors are needed to be influencers and God’s agents of change in our community and nation!

We hope you will find this book a blessing. You can consider using it as a tool to inspire your congregation, or as a gift to friends and family members.



  1. Introduction
  2. Arts: Reclaiming the Church's heritage
  3. Business: Challenges of Christians in business
  4. Church: The Church and its influence
  5. Education: The legacy of Christian educators
  6. Family: Godly families - the Church's challenge
  7. Government & Public Service: The Christian & government
  8. Media: The Christian voice in the Malaysian media
  9. Acknowledgements