PM Opens

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad officiated the opening ceremony of the International Consultation on Globalisation on January 31 in the presence of over 800 invited guests comprising leaders of churches and para-church organisations, theologians and Christian politicians and businessmen (see page 6 for a summary of his address).

The presence of many prominent Christians was an indication of the deep concern Malaysian Christians have on this issue of globalisation.

Dr Mahathir, known worldwide as an outspoken lobbyist against the current process of globalisation, gave a rousing speech that stirred generous, spontaneous applause from the appreciative crowd.

Following the launch, the Prime Minister had supper for more than an hour with some 30 people including Minister for Transport Dato’ Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik and council members of both the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) and NECF Malaysia. During supper, he gave an exclusive interview to Johan Candelin, Director of WEF Religious Liberty Commission (see page 5). The interview was subsequently disseminated in four languages to some 2,300 members of parliament in 64 countries.

WEF International Director Rev. Dr Jun Vencer presenting a momento to Dr Mahathir after his address.

Dr Ling shaking hands with Sir Arnold K. Amet (Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea Supreme Court). On the right is Archbishop Datuk Yong Ping Chung (Archbishop of Diocese of the province of South-East Asia); left is Muki Taranupi (Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Papua New Guinea).

The closing ceremony of the consultation on February 2 was officiated by Dr Ling in the presence of about 200 invited guests (see page 8). Dr Ling and guests adjourned for refreshment after the closing ceremony.

The three-day consultation was organised by WEF and sponsored by NECF Malaysia. A total of 77 participants from 16 countries attended the historic meeting.

Among the 25 participants from Malaysia were former Ambassador to USA and Deputy Minister of Trade Datuk Dr Lew Sip Hon; MP Dr Maximus Ongkili; East Malaysia Industrial Court Chairman Lim Heng Seng; MUI Bhd Executive Chairman Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Peng; Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Association and member of the Malaysian National Economic Action Council Datuk Paul Low; former NECF Malaysia General Secretary and currently Pastor of DUMC Daniel Ho; Senior Pastor of Kuching FBC John Chin; and NECF Malaysia Executive Council members.