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Main International Consultation on Globalisation - January 2001 What Participants Say...

  What Participants Say...

Participants expressed satisfaction with the consultation and was impressed with the efficient running of events during the three days of intensive sessions. However, several participants commented that some of the papers were rather "academic"?not a helpful trait when brainstorming for workable solutions on a pressing issue like globalisation. Following are some comments from participants:

Rev. Joel Edwards
Rev. Joel Edwards
Executive Director, Evangelical Alliance, United Kingdom

"The consultation is timely. I hope it is the beginning of a process by which the international heart, voice and activity of the evangelical church comes together to play its role on the global scene. The contents and input have been useful. However, I?m a little disappointed that we have not been able to get the best synergy from the skills and resources available at the consultation due to the lack of time."

Dr Joseph Jones
Professor of Justice Education, Taylor University, USA

"The issues dealt with at the consultation have broadened my perspective of globalisation, especially since both the Western and Eastern Church views were presented. I realise that the Western Church view on globalisation has not necessarily been good. It tends to be very individualistic. The Eastern view is more corporate; it sees how globalisation affects the people as a whole. Likewise, the Church?s response should be corporate."

Dr Bruce J. Wellenger
Director, Centre for Faith and Public Life, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

"Canada, because of its close proximity to the US, has always supported globalisation. I have heard and read about the weaknesses of globalisation but at the consultation, I heard first-hand, from discussions with other participants and from your Prime Minister?s speech, about the weaknesses. I do believe that the negative effects of globalisation will sooner or later reach Canada. I will go back and discuss this subject more thoroughly with our people."

Dr Bruce J. Wellenger

Datuk Paul Low
Vice-President, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Association and member of the Malaysian National Economic Action Council

"It has been a good consultation and there is probably enough material for evangelicals to develop the vision and mission in response to the current state of affairs. Evangelicals should adopt a more active role in tackling the issues arising from globalisation. Through the consultation, there?s a realisation that we cannot be reactive to world events and be fence-sitters. Instead, the Church should lead the way?to impact the attitudes of the secular world?be a true witness, salt and light."

Sir Arnold K. Amet
Sir Arnold K. Amet
Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea Supreme Court

"The planning was excellent and there was a good working spirit among the workers. This is a glowing testimony to you (Malaysian Christians) who are a minority here. The high level of knowledge and skills of the participants was impressive and I believe we were able to tap into each other?s skills and resources. I hope through the consultation, the church will know how to make our Gospel relevant in the new millennium in the face of globalisation."

Mr Lorne Jackson
President, Balanced Planning Financial Group, Canada

"I was impressed with the religious freedom in your country...to have your Prime Minister attend a Christian event and allowing prayer to be said in his presence. In Canada, we will have trouble standing in front of our Prime Minister and pray the same way."

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