Minister of Transport Malaysia Officiates Closing

For globalisation to benefit everyone, the world should emulate the ideals of the international oneness sought by the early Church, said Minister for Transport Dato’ Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik.

Christians then pursued a global unity based on mutual respect, justice and equality for all people— qualities that have remained abiding principles in their spread of love and spiritual salvation among all humankind.

" the start of the third millenium today,
the Church should continue to lead the way..."

Earlier, Dr Ling said the early Church was probably the first to embrace a global belief system and perspective developed from a call by Jesus Christ to his followers to take the message of love to people throughout the world. Prior to the early Church, people saw themselves as tribes, peoples and states.

Over the years, Christians have carried their message of love to all parts of the world as teachers, doctors and missionaries. Through this, they have inculcated a sense of worldwide fellowship and this is exemplified in the incident where Paul brought funds collected in Corinth to assist the poor in Jerusalem, according to Dr Ling.

He further said that at the start of the third millennium today, the Church should continue to lead the way in creating a fair and just society, whether at national or global level. "For in your teaching, you have been called to be ‘salt and light of the world’. Like salt, you are to preserve good values and as light, your good deeds must shine and illuminate a darkening world of distrust and conflict," he reminded.

Dr Ling thanking Rev. Datuk Guneratnam after receiving a momento from Dr Jun Vencer
at the end of his address. On the far right is NECF Malaysia Vice-Chairman Rev. Dr Eu Hong Seng.

As the world quickly becomes a borderless global economy, market forces are frantically driving capital and investments to search for new regions to make profits, rousing fears, particularly among the developing nations, of a widening gulf between the rich and the poor, Dr Ling said.

He called for the establishment of principles to protect the smaller and weaker nations from powerful multinational corporations. And echoing the Prime Minister, he urged for regulations on movement of massive capital and investment funds that could harm any nation’s economy.

Datuk Siti Saleha, sister of Dr Siti Hasmah,
chatting with Dr Ling at the tea reception
after the closing ceremony.