Transformation Vision

The theme for NECF Malaysia's nation-building agenda is "Transforming the Nation through the Local Church". To realise this theme, it is our vision to see Christians within the nation live out their purpose and calling as agents of transformation in the various places and sphere of influence that God has placed and called each one to be in.

Agents of Transformation

As agents of transformation, Christians, as individuals as well as collectively as the church, must live as witnesses and instruments to proclaim the Good News and seek the welfare and good of society and the nation.

    To do so, Christians found in and belonging to every sphere of society and within the institutional structures - whether in the family unit, neighborhood/communities, profession/place of work, politics/governance, human rights/justice, media/entertainment or economics - must intercede strategically, live as authentic disciples of Christ and engage in intentional mission for the purpose of transforming society and the nation.


The focus of this Transformation Vision is to inform and direct believers' participation in every sphere of society to address and mediate change in their own social context and environment towards justice and righteousness.

    This is achieved by identifying and connecting all believers, facilitating their roles and empowering them by the Holy Spirit to pursue good in every aspect of human life and interest. Christians should mediate change by proclaiming the Good News, becoming socially involved in issues plaguing society and the sphere of influence they are in and by engaging the social-cultural institutions for the common good of all people to the glory of God.

The Role of the Local Church

The local church must play the role of encouraging, nurturing and enabling believers for this work of mission in seeking the welfare of the city, society and the nation. This Transformation Vision is not intended to divert believers' involvement in the ministries and programmes of the local church. On the contrary, believers are expected and encouraged to live out authentic discipleship wherever God has placed them in, whether in churches, workplaces or the communities.

NECF Malaysia's Role

NECF Malaysia, through the Nation-Building Committee, will strive to promote this Transformation Vision by providing consultation, facilitation, assistance, networking, and other services to churches and individuals to inform this vision, initiate opportunities, impart skills and know-how and implement strategic action to realise this vision.