General Elections 2004: ROUND-the-CLOCK Prayer Sign-up REPORT

24hrs x 3-days non-stop prayers for Malaysia (18-20 March 2004) - REPORT

To all who prayed for the Malaysian Elections 2004:

Thank you for praying! God is faithful to answer prayers for the elections in our nation (polling day was on 21-March-2004).

Well over 929 people signed-up (online at this website and as well as off-line faxes) responded within a week to the call for a 'Round-the-clock' 24-hour x three days of prayers from 18-20 March, 2004. We definitely know that there were a lot more Christians who have prayed day and night during this time.

The Lord reminded the us of Luke 18 about the parable of the persistent widow, when we asked Him how do we write a thank you note to you all.

And he told them a parable, to the effect that men ought always to pray and not lose heart. He said, "In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor regarded man; and there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, 'Vindicate me against my adversary.' For a while he refused; but afterward he said to himself, 'Though I neither fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow bothers me, I will vindicate her, or she will wear me out by her continual coming.'" And the Lord said, "Hear what the unrighteous judge says. And will not God vindicate His elect, who cry to Him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will vindicate them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will He find faith on earth?"

Let us then be faithful just as He is faithful that whenever a need arises that we will respond with such fervour and urgency!

Below are some testimonies received:

  1. God has given us grace period for our state now - we need to rise up as watchmen for 24 hours! God told us to be alert and to strategize....The Church must exercise the spiritual authority that God has given to us - ( Ps P on 22 March )

  2. Not bad eh ? the results . The Lord already shared with me about about a certain group of authorities  will be PAST in January this year  when  I was praying for our nation after I received the prayer requests from NECF  to pray for PM, Pas Islamic State and Apostacy. ( Ps S  from the North )

  3. God has certainly given us so many surprises. Halleluyah! The Lord is using this whole time to stir and challenge our leaders to stand in the gap for the nation.   ( Ps D on 9 March )

  4. It is so encouraging to see God moved last weekend and gave us such wonderful results for the elections! ( K who signed up the 3am slot for 19-20 March )

  5. I need to go up to the Tower and praise the Lord and shout Halleluyah ! (from S who has been interceding fervently )

  6. To see how God answered prayers really has increased my faith to know that we can pray and believe for the salvation of the so called 'unreached' people group  ( There are God's people anyway ) I also sense that this deception that has blinded us has been broken over our lives ! ( Ps K who was praying with a group of 20 intercessors on March 20 )

  7. Very good! The mobilisation for the 3 days non-stop prayers for the nation was so timely. We were able to have 100 slots taken up as we did it during a 2 -day prayer seminar. This has proven people are rising to pray for our nation.  ( a prayer leader from Central District )

  8. This is only the beginning , a new season , a new era - we must continue to prevail in our prayers . God has given us a new government . Please tell the Church not to be complacent especially now that our economy is going to be good . God has given us  opportunities to proclaim His goodness and His love . He will be faithful to His promises as we stay true to our calling  !   ( from L who fasted during the Round The Clock prayer) 

  9. "Malaysia is a place I love" ! God has given this land for us to be faithful stewards. The Church must be vibrant and be full of the life of God. The Church must rise up to be a House of Prayer for the nation. Let us begin to ask God  to help us to build "altars of prayer " everywhere .( from M who has been watching and praying for the nation in Subang with a group of homemakers )

  10. I am so glad now that the PM has the mandate from the people to make and carry out changes for the good of our nation . We must pray that PM  will get the right people in his cabinet and he will stay honest, just and righteous  ( Dr.OL from Selangor )

  11. The final outcome was very gratifying.  The results of the elections was a confirmation that we were praying in accordance to the Father's will. I had disturbed sleep every night which is very unusual as my wife says that I sleep like a log. Wouldn't wake up even if there was an earthquake. So each  time I awoke, I prayed for the elections especially that the forces of  darkness be kept at bay. The results was more than I expected. In my mind, I was limited the prayer  that I had requested. The Father showed me otherwise and reminded me that He was & IS the God of the Impossible. ( from R , a watchman  )

  12. Pray - it works!  Indeed we see the Hand of God moving amazingly before that our eyes . The result is beyond all our expectations. I am really encouraged that so many of us heed the call to pray and we all see the miracles of it. Let's continue to pray for Pak Lah to pick the right candidates for his new line up.  ( from BL who is very burdened to pray for our nation . )

  13. I think we all did well in our prayer mobilisation, thank you for initiating the prayer in our town.  We are all glad to be able to play a part in praying for our beloved nation.  We certainly are hopeful for the future that the God in whom we all trust is more than able to accomplish that which He has purposed . ( from Ps V - south )

  14. Indeed, it is our privilege to join NECF and Christians  in and out of the country to pray for our land. I have to specifically commend the creative website and e-prayer chain, I find it tremendously helpful. ( from JG in KL) 

  15. Thank you for all your mails from NECF. I forwarded most of your mails to my Prayer Team Leaders and to my pastor.Thank you that we can be part of your prayer partners. ( from RW in KL )

  16. Thanks to all in NECF who have tirelessly served the interests of God and our nation. God bless you all indeed. We are with you for praying for the nation, infact we need to even pray more! ( from Ps C in KL) 

  17. We prayed at our services, at our prayer meetings and we even have 36 members who signed to pray on the "Round the Clock " prayer for the elections and we are very excited at God is doing. ( from Ps R in the South )

  18. I'm so thankful that I'm on direct mail so I can keep tab with the results. I am also glad that NECF organised the prayer chain so that I could be involved directly. I wish I were there with all of you ... I am so glad that the elections went well without any trouble. Let us pray continuously that the new leadership under Pak Lah will stem out corruption and be leaders who are for and with the people. Praising God. (a Malaysian studying in USA)

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Statement on Good Citizenship

As Christians, we practice dual citizenship seeing that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God and also citizens of our earthly nation.

As citizens of our earthly homeland, we must be responsible citizens. Jesus established this worldview when he declared, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Earthly citizenship requires us to be responsible citizens of Malaysia.

As we approach the General Election, we would like all Malaysian Christians to consider the following "seven concerns and actions for good citizenship":

  1. As Christians, we must exercise the responsibilities of our citizenship in Malaysia.

  2. At the general election, you vote in two representatives, one for the state government and another for the federal government. Your elected representatives speak for your interests. Consider what they believe about issues that concern you, before you vote.

  3. The nation has voiced its support on anti-corruption. All corruption is a result of the sinfulness of man. Consider corruption as one of the central issues of this election.

  4. The Malaysian privatisation policy has brought many benefits of rapid development. But, the question to consider is whether the administration of these projects has been above reproach. Your representative will be able to answer all your questions regarding the privatisation policy and projects in your constituency.

  5. Responsible citizenship includes being aware of local issues, such as identifying the next development project in your neighbourhood and make it a responsibility to attend the hearing.

  6. Good governance requires transparency and openness in the administration, men and women of integrity and honesty, encouragement and affirmation for uprightness.

  7. Responsible and accountable citizenship requires us as Christians to "always speak the truth in love." A rightful relationship with the authority is an open door.

Finally, Romans 13 teaches obedience to authorities as a Christian duty and responsibility.  From voting to paying taxes, let us do it as good and responsible Christians.