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Israel-Palestine Conflict
March 01, 2003
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Principles on the Exercise of Spiritual Gifts
Published in Berita NECF. Jan-Feb 2004 issue
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Statement on Good & Responsible Citizenship
March 3, 2004
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March 8, 2004
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NECF Charity Fund Cheque Presentation Ceremony
The charity aspect of this project started in 2002 in conjunction with the 40-Day Fast and Prayer. It was inspired by Isaiah 58:6-7 (in the Bible) that calls upon the people of God to loose the chains of injustice, break every yoke, set ...
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Evangelical Christians Give RM100,000 to Pakistani Earthquake Victims
Malaysian evangelicals donated RM100,000 to Pakistani victims of the Oct 8 earthquake through The Star South Asia Quake Fund.
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Marriage of Transexual
Government and Church reject couple's marriage as unlawful and unholy
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Persatuan gereja tidak iktiraf perkahwinan Jessie dan Joshua
Persatuan Gereja Evangelical Malaysia hari ini membuat keputusan tidak mengiktiraf perkahwinan pasangan sejenis, Jessie Chung dan Joshua Beh Soo Kiang, yang berlangsung di Sarawak, Sabtu lepas.
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The decision of the High Court on Kaliammal Sinnasamy’s application concerning her deceased husband, Kpl. Moorthy a/l Maniam
"We want to convey a very strong message to the government that we are uneasy and uncomfortable ...Eventually, slowly, people may assume syariah is the supreme law of the land." - Reverend Wong Kim Kong (spokesman for the Malaysian Consultative ...
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Memo to PM - Call for review of laws affecting rights of non-Muslims
In an unprecedented move, non-Muslim ministers submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister yesterday calling for a review of laws affecting the rights of non-Muslims. Nine of the 10 non-Muslim Cabinet members signed the memorandum. The ...
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‘Don’t get emotional over memo withdrawal’
Non-Muslims must not get emotional over the withdrawal of a memorandum to the Prime Minister calling for a review of laws affecting them. The withdrawal of the unprecedented memorandum by non-Muslim Cabinet ministers yesterday was "a redemptive ...
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Tafsiran hakim cetus konflik
KEPUTUSAN Mahkamah Sivil yang memutuskan bahawa ia tiada bidang kuasa untuk mengusik keputusan Mahkamah Syariah berhubung status pertukaran agama M. Moorthy atau nama Islamnya, Mohamad Abdullah terus mencetuskan debat yang masih berlarutan.
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Judge’s Interpretation Creates Conflict
'Tafsiran hakim cetus konflik' (English Translation)
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Malaysian Evangelical Christians Hails Umno President’s Presidential Address
NECF Malaysia lauds Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his firm and assuring statements made while delivering his presidential address at the opening of the 57th Umno General Assembly on Nov. 14. . .However, NECF regrets ...
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Malaysian Christian group hails end to religious row over dead man's faith
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A Christian group on Friday welcomed a decision by Malaysia's Islamic authorities to drop their claim on the body of a man whose religion was unclear when he died.
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Press Statement on Rayapan Anthony
The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) is appalled at yet another tussle over the body of a deceased person whose religious status has again come under dispute.
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Letter: NECF's Response to the Floods
To: The Pastor/Elder/Leader NECF Member Churches/Organisations Malaysia Re: Unprecedented Floods in Peninsula Malaysia
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