Prayer Alert (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - December 2011

NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - December 2011

1. Christmas

As we approach the end of the year, churches nationwide have begun to prepare for their Christmas celebrations. Hallmark events for Christmas include carolling, special meetings, banquets and exchanging of gifts. Christmas is a very special season for Christians as they celebrate and share the love, joy and peace of the birth of Christ with family and friends. Spending extravagantly is not encouraged. Rather, giving to the less fortunate has greater blessings and meaning. Let us pray for all the preparations that are being made that they would turn out well. Let us pray for peace and love to continue to saturate and unite this nation. Let pray for the less fortunate that they will be remembered this Christmas season.


2. Floods

Floods that started in the middle of November and which have hit the northern, eastern and southern part of the country have either reached their peak or begun to subside. So far, there have only been seven fatalities. All were from Kelantan, the worst-hit state. Many of the evacuation centres have closed and evacuees have returned to their homes. There is much cleaning up and repairs to do for those who were hit by the floods. Though a yearly affair, it is by no means a small matter. While the flood waters are receding, they can still pose dangers. Firstly, let's praise God for the low number of fatalities. At the same time, let's pray for God's comfort upon the family members of the seven who perished in the flood. Let's also pray for the flood waters to recede speedily and normality to be restored.


3. CREST update on Japan

Japan, a sophisticated, first-world country, continues to grapple with the aftermath of the radiation leak from the Fukushima nuclear plant following the tsunami on 11 March 2011. The emotional make up of this stoic people is being severely tested, as Crisis Relief and Training Bhd (CREST) found on a recent mission there. In Fukushima, children are kept indoors for their safety. The streets are eerily quiet. An atmosphere of despair, depression and fear can be felt. A child asked her mother "Mommy, will I grow up to become an adult?" A swimming instructor commented that many children are covered with bruises and even her own child gets frequent nose bleeds. Most of the inhabitants would like to move out and live somewhere else. Pray for greater unity, co-ordination and collaboration between the different denominations, NGOs and relief agencies. Pray for believers who stay behind in the affected areas to be vibrant in their faith, and to provide strength and support to the disaster victims. Pray that the Lord will send more labourers - especially trauma/grief counsellors, manual labourers, agricultural workers and more - into this harvest. Pray against the spirit of death, suicide, helplessness, hopelessness, despair and depression.


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