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Pray for Malaysia

Description: 13th General Elections 2012

13th General Elections

Note: This page is no longer updated, for further information please visit this page instead "13th General Election Pray & Vote".


Malaysia is eagerly waiting for the announcement of her 13th General Election. 222 Parliamentary Constituency seat will be contested that will determine the next Government of the Day for the next five years. As Malaysian, we desire for a government that is just, fair and righteous in her administration. We believe through prayer we can pray in godly men and women into the Parliament and Government. We therefore call upon believers nationwide to begin to uphold the coming election with every parliamentary seat in prayer.


Pray to Bless Malaysia booklet

This booklet (PDF 3.5MB) contains a list of all the Parliamentary Constituency for your prayer attention.

Printing Instructions: Print the pages in this file double-sided on A4 pages. After which it can be folded into a booklet. There are a total of 4-pages or 8-sides.


Files for download:-


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