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NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - May 2012

        Author: NECF Malaysia

NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - May 2012

1. Mothers' Day

May 8 is Mothers' Day. The role and contribution of mothers throughout the ages and in every society is indisputable. What would we be without mothers? It is their care, affection, love and sacrifice that has given us life and a future. However, not all mothers have it easy. This is particularly so with single mothers who have to shoulder all the responsibilities of raising their children. Findings show that in Malaysia, the common reasons why women become single mothers are death of husband, abandonment or divorce. In rural areas, single mothers often have five or more children. In trying to make ends meet, some mothers are lured into the sex trade. In other cases, unable to afford childcare and often saddled with the additional burden of caring for extended family members, single mothers are housebound and forced to rely on modest government assistance to put food on their tables. One struggling single mother said she needs to stretch a mere RM30 to feed her family of six for two whole weeks. Let's remember our mothers of this nation by upholding them up in prayer. They too have desires, needs and struggles. Let us also remember the many single mothers. Let us pray that their plight would be heard and help provided.


2. Machaap Umboo Chapel

The Malacca High Court was scheduled to hear the application for a judicial review by the Machap Umboo Chapel over the demolition notice served by the Alor Gajah Municipal Council on April 13. However, the judge opted not to hear it in open court but requested for written submissions instead. According to the Chapel Committee representative, lawyers have been instructed to send in written submissions and thereafter a decision will be made by the judge on May 11. Let us pray for the demolition notice to be annulled. Let us pray that the Orang Asli's right to build houses of worship on their land will be recognized and upheld. Let us pray for the Machap Umboo Chapel and all other Orang Asli churches to continue their activities without further interruption or harassment.


3. NECF 13th Bi-annual General Meeting (BGM)

On May 12, NECF will conduct its BGM at PJ Gospel Hall. Every two years, a new set of council members will be voted into office to lead and serve the fellowship. Being a national body that represents the third block within the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), it is vital for those elected to be dynamic and strategic in their approach and engagement. At the conclusion of the election, a seminar titled Beyond Finishing Well will take place. It will be presented by Dr David Wong from the Haggai Institute of Hawaii. He will explore the lives of biblical characters and draw lessons on why faith seldom lasts beyond the third generation and what can be done. Please pray that the BGM will be well-attended. Please pray for a smooth election. Please pray for the right candidates elected into office. Please pray for Dr Wong as he prepares for the seminar.


4. World Prayer Assembly, Jakarta (WPA)

The World Prayer Assembly 2012 to be held from May 14 to 18 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and will be a "new wave" to strategically connect and empower the global prayer and mission movements. Over 5000-6000 Christian leaders from up to 220 nations will join with the Lord and each other through united prayer for Spirit-inspired action to transform our world. The World Prayer Assembly is being arranged and co-hosted by leaders of the Indonesian and Korean prayer movements, two of the most powerful prayer forces in the world, with the support of international prayer networks such as the International Prayer Council and the Global Day of Prayer. The ultimate goal of the World Prayer Assembly is two-fold: to see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filling the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2: 14) and to experience the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer that His followers become one so the world will know He is its Creator and Savior (John 17: 21). A large delegation from Malaysia will be there to represent the nation. Let us pray for the whole event to run smoothly. Let us pray for safety as our Malaysian delegates travel to Jakarta and back. Let us pray for an increase in global prayer and mission initiatives; in particular among the 4-14 (children and adolescents) window.


5. Global Day of Prayer (GDOP)

GDOP is a prayer movement that started in Cape Town, South Africa in 2001. Today it has become a global prayer movement impacting churches and nations all around the world. It is a movement that calls God's people to come together to pray and to bless the nations. GDOP is commonly known for its three-part initiative: 10 Days of Day and Night Prayer (intercession), 1 Global Day of Prayer (public gathering) and 90 Days of Blessings (projects). They run one after the other, each other. This year, the GDOP will be held on May 27. In Malaysia, GDOP will be organised in over 40 different locations throughout the nation. It has been instrumental in bringing churches together in unity for prayer and community transformation. Let us pray that more towns and cities would participate in this movement. Let us pray for the Malaysian Church to rise in prayer, unity and action. Let us pray for God's glory to fill this nation.


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