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NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - June 2012

NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - June 2012

1. Church Unity

In the recently concluded Global Day of Prayer event at SIBKL, a clarion call was made for the Malaysian Church to unite. Without unity there is no spiritual authority. The Malaysian Church is still very much divided by the different institutions and networks. As Jubilee looms closer, the time has come for the Church and her leaders to set aside their differences and assemble together as a body to pray and work for the transformation of the nation. Christ has set the example by taking the towel and washing the disciples' feet. It is time for the Malaysian Church to follow the footsteps of the Master, to clothe herself with humility and to accept and serve her fellow brethren for the sake of unity.


2. Nation Builders

The Church can ill-afford to ignore the state of the nation. Whatever happens to the nation affects her citizens. In recent events we have also seen how this has gravely affected the Church. The nation is plagued with corruption, power abuse, racism and injustice. How should the Church respond to these challenges? Hasn't the Church been called to be the salt and light of the nation? It is time for the Church to be involved in nation building. By being involved in nation building the Church can impact the nation and sow positive values in society. God has raised many Christian men and women in the various spheres of influence. He has placed them there that they may be agents to bring the transformation needed for this nation.


3. National Reconciliation

Racial tension and division have increased significantly in our nation. Malaysia has become more and more divided along racial and religious lines. We are no longer that peaceful and harmonious nation of the past. Race and religion have been politicized and are used to stoking fear, suspicion and anger. Will Malaysia collapse under this tension? Can this situation be reversed? What is most needed today? We need a national reconciliation. There is an urgent need for national reconciliation between the differing ethnic groups of Malaysia. Hostility, distrust and hurts between ethnic groups must be addressed and resolved through brokenness, repentance, reconciliation and restitution. Pride and self interest must be replaced with mutual respect and common good.


4. NECF Full-Time Single Women Ministers' Retreat 2012

In 2009, the Women's Commission hosted a retreat for 50 full-time single women ministers at Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Many were ministered to and refreshed. This gave impetus to the Women's Commission to have another retreat for them. It will be held at the same venue, Bayu Beach Resort, from 21-23 June. Ms Nesam Ebenezer, lay pastor at St Paul's Church, Petaling Jaya, and Ms Yeo Pei Li, counselor and trainer at HELP University, are the invited guest speakers for this retreat. Pray that many single women ministers will take this opportunity to register and be refreshed in this retreat.


5. Eagles Leadership Conference

Jointly organised by NECF and the Eagles Leadership Institute Singapore, this is a three-year leadership programme to develop God-centered leaders in churches and organisations. It integrates both church and marketplace issues so that both laity and clergy can synergize and work together for the Kingdom. This year is the first of the three-year program. It will be held from 22-23 June held at First Assembly of God Church in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. The conference theme is on 'Leading Self.' Reputable speakers such as Mr Peter Chao, Dr John Ng, Mr Michael Tan, Rev Dr Kow Shih Ming, Ps Dr Chew Weng Chee and Ms Bonita Lim are the guest trainers. Pray that churches will send their pastors and lay leaders to enroll for this leadership programme.


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