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NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - December 2012

NECF Monthly Prayer Bulletin - December 2012

1. World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day, observed on 1 December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. World AIDS Day this year is about "Getting to Zero". Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. Backed by the United Nations, the "Getting to Zero" campaign will run till 2015. The number of AIDS-related deaths worldwide fell for the fifth year in a row last year, dropping 5.6% from 2010 and a full 24% compared to 2005, to 1.7 million people. Twenty-five countries, many in hard-hit Africa, have at least halved new HIV infections in the past decade, with particular progress made toward protecting children from the deadly virus. Achieving zero new HIV infections in children is possible with fewer babies being born with HIV. Let us thank God for the progress made. Let us pray for greater awareness and action to halt HIV infections. Let us pray for existing AIDS sufferers and HIV carriers and their families. Let us pray for more medical breakthroughs to treat AIDS patients.


2. Year End Season

Many people take this time to clear their annual leave and spend the holidays travelling with their families. It is also the time when Churches would be busy organizing plays, caroling and special events and activities for Christmas, as well as spending time reviewing the year and planning for the next. Let us pray for families to be blessed as they take their needed break before the start of the New Year. Let us pray for God to bless and use every church Christmas activity to spread the peace, love and joy of the incarnate Christ. Let us also pray that God will lead and direct the Church for the following year as they spend time seeking Him.


3. Pray for Voters

Voters are crucial in the coming general election. They will determine the next ruling government. It is common for voters to vote based on individual or ethnic interest or benefit. However, the outcome and impact of the election goes beyond the individual or ethnic group. The outcome has consequence for the entire nation. Therefore, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly or with self-interest. It is a decision that must be made in the interest of the entire nation and for the good of everyone. We should choose elected representatives and a ruling government that will serve for the good of all without fear or favour. As a nation, we do not exist by ourselves. We belong to a nation made of many different cultural, religious and ethnic people groups. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing. If one group is affected, we too will be affected. Let us pray for a radical change in the mindsets of the voters. Let us pray for voters to vote in the interest of the nation. Let us pray for an incoming government that would truly seek the good of all.


4. Pastor's Kids Retreat

The third Pastor's Kids Retreat is an annual camp co-organized by Impacting Pastors, Impacting Nations (IPIN) and the Pastor's Kids Fellowship Malaysia (PKFM), and is sponsored by NECF Malaysia. It will run from 17 - 19 December at the One Hotel Santubong, in Kuching. This camp is specifically for all pastors' children from the ages of 15 to 25. The objective of this camp is to help pastors' kids find their identity and call in Christ. Let us pray for a smooth running of the entire camp. Let us pray that many of the East Malaysian pastor's kids will be touched and ministered to. Let us pray that many will discover God's call upon their life and respond to it.


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