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05-Nov-2014 Sabah Churches Move into a New Season
05-Nov-2014 Religious Freedom for the Church Post-Herald
04-Nov-2014 Barnabas Fund
31-Oct-2014 SIB Sabah: Sabah Church Wants AG to Act Against Bible Burning Threat
23-Oct-2014 The Malaysia Day Prayer Celebration 2014
23-Oct-2014 The Malaysia Day Prayer Celebration Declaration 2014
09-Oct-2014 CFM: Christians Outraged Minister Says No Prosecution of Ibrahim Ali Over Bible-Burning Statement
18-Sep-2014 24-7@NECF - A Call to Nationwide 24-7 Prayer
17-Sep-2014 Kota Kinabalu Declaration
26-Aug-2014 CFM: Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day 2014 - "We Must Continue To Hope"
20-Aug-2014 NECF: Malaysia National Family Needs Survey
23-Jul-2014 NECF: Deepest Condolences to those Connected or Associated with the Victims of MH17
18-Jul-2014 More Than Just A Case!
23-Jun-2014 CFM: Christians Extremely Disappointed With Refusal To Grant Leave To Appeal To Federal Court
19-Jun-2014 BSM: Return the Bibles
06-Jun-2014 Flowers From Many Gardens - Shaping Our Nation's Destiny
27-May-2014 Chairman's Message: The Devil's Alphabet
21-May-2014 News Digest: The Religious Liberty Context Behind the Headlines
07-May-2014 CFM: Seminar at University Clear Abuse of Trust and Stewardship
11-Apr-2014 MH370: Public prayer in a national crisis

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