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The following are a list of articles, reports and papers prepared by the Research Commission. Please email your feedback or comment to the Executive Secretary at research@necf.org.my

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28-Mar-2005 2004 NECF Malaysia Survey on Emotional Connection between Ministers and Congregations from Ministers’ Perspectives
19-May-2006 A Christian perspective of the Ninth Malaysia Plan
Published in Berita NECF May-June 2006 Issue
24-Sep-2003 A Manual on Christian Conflict Resolution
Consultation on Conflict Resolution & Mediation, July 19 2003
01-Jan-2000 AntiChrist and the Internet
19-Oct-2006 Art for God's Sake
An interview with Colin Kirton, Artistic Director of Footstool Players and freelance performing artist (October 2006)
07-Feb-2007 Children at Risk
This is an extract, published in Berita NECF Mar-Apr 2006. The updated full version of the article can be found ...
18-May-2002 Christian Earth-Keeping
NECF Malaysia Cross-Currents Consultations
18-May-2002 Christian Earth-Keeping: A Response
NECF Malaysia Cross-Currents Consultations
20-Nov-2006 Church Governance-a Viewpoint
This is an extract, published in Berita NECF Sept/Oct 2006 Issue. An updated full version of the article can be ...
14-Aug-2008 Compilation of responses from workshops (National Pastors & Leaders Consultation, July 2007)
National Pastors & Leaders Consultation, 31 Jul 2007
20-Apr-2002 Contribution and Care of the Elderly: Some Perspectives
NECF Malaysia Cross-Currents Consultations
NECF Malaysia Cross-Currents Consultations
27-Sep-2004 Court's Duty to Protect People's Rights
Berita NECF Sept-Oct 2004 Issue
19-Jan-2002 Current Concerns for Christian Intellectual Witness
NECF Malaysia Cross-Currents Consultations
01-Jan-2000 Deception of the Masses
06-Feb-2007 Emerging Issues
Appendix 3 of "Spiritual Formation: Commentary on NECF Survey." Also published in Berita NECF Jan-Feb 2007 Issue. ...
14-Aug-2008 Enough for All
Published in Berita NECF May/June 2008 Issue
06-Feb-2007 Entering a New Era
Brian McLaren was listed one of America's 25 most influential evangelicals in Time magazine. In an email interview ...
01-Aug-2003 Entertainment and Youth
01-Jan-2000 Eschatology and Interpreting the Present and the Future

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