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Jubilee: A Window of Opportunity

Jubilee: A Window of Opportunity

By Debbie Loh


THOUGH thousands of miles away and on another continent, East Africa has a lesson for Malaysia. A spiritual revival swept eastern African countries in the 1930s and 1940s and led to church growth which lasted until the 1970s. But all was lost when the church did not seize its kairos moment to act on national transformation following the revival. In 1971, Uganda fell to the dictatorship of Idi Amin. Later, the HIV/AIDS virus ravaged the country as well as other parts of the African continent. It took more than 20 years of war, oppressive dictatorship and AIDS before Uganda could struggle back to its feet. Even now, the restoration is not complete.

"Don't let that happen to Malaysia," said Ugandan pastor Julius Suubi, who gave the exhortation at the NECF Hope of Jubilee Celebration at FGT Subang Jaya on 16 Sept 2012.

"The season of Jubilee that you are ushering in is a moment for the revial and transformation of the nation. It is just beginning and the onus is on you to take hold of this opening in the spiritual realm, to see Malaysia's destiny fulfilled," said Pastor Suubi, who runs the Highway of Holiness Ministries International, an intercessory ministry for nations.

He spoke on the application of the Jubilee Year in the context of modern-day Malaysia. Jubilee was a "prophetic season", he said, during which the things promised in Leviticus 25 would come to pass but only if the church was earnest in repentance, prayer and action.

He affirmed Malaysia's national destiny "towards the redemption of mankind", but said the country was still unable to fully embrace its redemptive calling "because of certain limitations". These included the breakdown of the family institution, corporate or collective sins as a nation, historical wounds between ethnic groups and lack of repentance and forgiveness.

To receive the Jubilee promises of liberty, restoration, renewal, and rest, the church has to confess the corporate sins of the nation and pray for revival. "God desires to show mercy. Judgement is his last option and only when people refuse to turn back to him," Pastor Suubi said.

Finally, he noted that despite God's command to Israel to observe the Jubilee and his promises of blessing, the Israelites never once practiced it because of their sin. "Jubilee which comes once ever 50 years for a nation, is a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. Don't be like Israel and miss the opportunity," he said.

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