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Malaysia MyHome

Malaysia MyHome

Malaysia MyHome

AT the World Prayer Assembly 2012 in Jakarta, a call was put out to churches and Christians to express God's love and care to their communities in tangible ways. Prayer is important, but this was a call to do more than just pray.

Thus came the idea for "Malaysia MyHome" and "My Home Indonesia" to embrace, love and bless these nations with God's presence and power. My Home Indonesia has already kicked off with participants logging activities in their communities on a Facebook page of the same name.

NECF is making the Malaysia MyHome campaign part of the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP). It will be unveiled on 19 May at the main GDOP rally at the Full Gospel Assembly KL and in other locations across Malaysia where the GDOP is held.

Just what do you do under Malaysia MyHome? Firstly, start where you are by adopting your street, area or office building premise. Form a group with other Christians and go on a prayer walk, praying for God's blessings upon your place and the people there. Then, get to know the people around you on that street or in your building. Find our their needs and extend help to those who need it. Journal your group's progress and share updates regularly on the Malaysia MyHome Facebook page.

More details will be coming up! But you can start looking for friends to do this with - a great opportunity to love our community, bring healing, exercise a prophetic act, release Jubilee and build God's Kingdom on earth! Stay tuned for announcements through your church, via NECF on Facebook and at the GDOP rally on 19 May!

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