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01-Sep-2003 Zero Tolerance For Extremism
Full text of speech by Deputy Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi (read by Minister of ...
September-October 2003
15-Oct-2008 Youths, Arise... Seniors, Cheer Them On
Chinese Prayer Prayer Camp
September-October 2008
15-Jan-2008 Youth Workers' Consultation Report
by Larry Lee
November-December 2007
21-Jul-2005 Youth Workers Consultation
July-August 2005
01-Nov-2000 Youth Stung by Missions Bug
November-December 2000
02-Aug-2004 Youth Network Awakened
July-August 2004
15-Oct-2008 Youth Fill Gap
September-October 2008
03-Apr-2009 Youth Alpha Joins The National Service
March-April 2009
25-May-2010 Young Christian Women to the Fore
May-June 2010
01-Nov-2001 Year-End Reverie
By Goh Poh Gaik
November-December 2001
01-May-2004 Worship and Creative Arts Conference
Coming Up
May-June 2004
01-Nov-2001 World Leader to Arise from Chaos
By Rev. Datuk Dr. Prince Guneratnam
NECF Malaysia Chairman
November-December 2001
01-Sep-2001 Worker Shortage No Hindrance to Sending
September-October 2001
17-Mar-2008 Women's Conference
January-February 2008
01-Nov-2002 Women’s Finest Hour
From Women, God’s Secret Weapon by Ed Silvoso
November-December 2002
Saturday, October 19, 2002
By Goh Poh Gaik
January-February 2003
01-Dec-2003 Women to Women Issue 69
Saying No - Wanting to sort out clutter at year end? Seeking to set goals in place? Here’s timely advice as we learn t ...
November-December 2003
01-Sep-2003 Women to Women Issue 68
Saying No - How Do You Slice Your Time?
By Miriam Adeney
September-October 2003
01-Jul-2003 Women to Women Issue 68
By Mrs Chan Tean Yin
July-August 2003
01-May-2003 Women to Women Issue 67
By Jill Briscoe
May-June 2003

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