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Strong Family Stable Nation

Strong Family Stable Nation

by Lee Wee Min

It has been said that "the state of union of a nation depends on the state of union of the family".

This basically means that the family is the basic functional unit of society and the well-being of the society depends on the well-being of the family. If the family is sound and stable, it will result in a stable society which will eventually lead to a strong nation.

Many social ills confronting the nation are related to a crack in the foundation of the family. The family provides the main platform where positive values are taught and caught, and if the family unit is not present to pass on such values, children will be influenced from outside the family. Unfortunately, oftentimes, the influence is not positive or wholesome.

It is so important for children during their formative years to have strong positive influence in their lives. As the Bible clearly says in Proverbs, we should train a child when he is young so that he would not depart from it when he is old. Hence if family members are intentional and purposeful in developing strong positive values within the family, this will eventually be manifested in society and will result in a strong and stable nation.

Focus on the Family (FOTF) has several tools to help families build strong foundations. Couple Checkup is one of them. This is an online diagnostic tool developed by marriage and family experts for people who are dating, engaged or married. "By answering 124 questions, the couple will be able to know the state of their relationship and individual personality in 20 different areas."

This is an excellent tool as it is able to focus on the main components of a marriage relationship and hence, one does not have to speculate nor mind read each other. As the Checkup has high levels of scientific rigour, its results are very accurate and reliable.

With the results, married couples can then work on improving on areas which require some effort or to seek assistance in these areas which are of concern. Couples can also be affirmed in areas which they are doing well and hence, continue to strengthen these areas.

As a married couple is the starting and the foundation of a family, it is so important that this union is constantly being refreshed and renewed. Strong married couples will also make the role of parenting much easier. We have to constantly remind parents that the greatest gift they can give their children is to love each other.

Through Couple Checkup, relationships and marriages can be strengthened and when marriages are thriving, so will the family and eventually the nation.

(Lee Wee Min is the Executive Director of FOTF Malaysia. To know more about Couple Checkup, check out FOTF website)

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