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01-Mar-2003 Israel-Palestine Conflict
March 01, 2003
23-Apr-2003 Intercession and Acts of Mercy for Suffering Iraqis
August 23 2003
02-Feb-2004 Principles on the Exercise of Spiritual Gifts
Published in Berita NECF. Jan-Feb 2004 issue
08-Mar-2004 Statement on Good & Responsible Citizenship
March 3, 2004
08-Mar-2004 大马福联声明-负责任的好公民
March 8, 2004
15-Jun-2005 NECF Charity Fund Cheque Presentation Ceremony
The charity aspect of this project started in 2002 in conjunction with the 40-Day Fast and Prayer. It was inspired ...
12-Oct-2005 Evangelical Christians Give RM100,000 to Pakistani Earthquake Victims
Malaysian evangelicals donated RM100,000 to Pakistani victims of the Oct 8 earthquake through The Star South Asia ...
18-Nov-2005 Marriage of Transexual
Government and Church reject couple's marriage as unlawful and unholy
18-Nov-2005 Persatuan gereja tidak iktiraf perkahwinan Jessie dan Joshua
Persatuan Gereja Evangelical Malaysia hari ini membuat keputusan tidak mengiktiraf perkahwinan pasangan sejenis, ...
30-Dec-2005 The decision of the High Court on Kaliammal Sinnasamy’s application concerning her deceased husband, Kpl. Moorthy a/l Maniam
"We want to convey a very strong message to the government that we are uneasy and uncomfortable ...Eventually, ...
05-Jan-2006 Report on the Parliamentary Roundtable on Article 121 (1A) in Parliament (Committee Room 1)
16-Jan-2006 Signature Campaign of the MCCBCHS
20-Jan-2006 Memo to PM - Call for review of laws affecting rights of non-Muslims
In an unprecedented move, non-Muslim ministers submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister yesterday calling for ...
21-Jan-2006 ‘Don’t get emotional over memo withdrawal’
Non-Muslims must not get emotional over the withdrawal of a memorandum to the Prime Minister calling for a review ...
23-Jan-2006 Tafsiran hakim cetus konflik
KEPUTUSAN Mahkamah Sivil yang memutuskan bahawa ia tiada bidang kuasa untuk mengusik keputusan Mahkamah ...
25-Jan-2006 Judge’s Interpretation Creates Conflict
'Tafsiran hakim cetus konflik' (English Translation)
16-Nov-2006 Malaysian Evangelical Christians Hails Umno President’s Presidential Address
NECF Malaysia lauds Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his firm and assuring statements made ...
07-Dec-2006 Malaysian Christian group hails end to religious row over dead man's faith
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A Christian group on Friday welcomed a decision by Malaysia's Islamic authorities to drop ...
08-Dec-2006 Press Statement on Rayapan Anthony
The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) is appalled at yet another tussle over the body of a deceased person ...
10-Jan-2007 Letter: NECF's Response to the Floods
To: The Pastor/Elder/Leader NECF Member Churches/Organisations Malaysia Re: Unprecedented Floods in ...

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