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Urgent Call for Continued Prayer (Malaysian General Election 2008)
We thank God for the smooth, event-free election. We believe this has come about through all our prayers, so thank you for praying . . . It is therefore imperative that we continue to pray, especially during this critical transitional period.
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Transforming the Nation through the Local Church
Brief report for 2010
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To Cross or Not to Cross?
The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) wishes to urge all Christians to pray for the nation in these challenging times, especially for wisdom and discernment for the leaders of this nation in dealing with the current political ...
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The decision of the High Court on Kaliammal Sinnasamy’s application concerning her deceased husband, Kpl. Moorthy a/l Maniam
"We want to convey a very strong message to the government that we are uneasy and uncomfortable ...Eventually, slowly, people may assume syariah is the supreme law of the land." - Reverend Wong Kim Kong (spokesman for the Malaysian Consultative ...
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