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24-Mar-2015 YouthNet Nazarite Training
18-Jul-2012 Window of opportunity for school CFs and SPM Bible Knowledge classes
09-Apr-2014 Willing to go to jail over "Allah"?
13-May-2013 What is Malaysia MyHome?
28-Mar-2014 WEA: Letter to NECF Malaysia
13-Sep-2010 WEA News Release: WEA chief asks international community to share same concern for acts of aggression against all faiths
17-Jan-2014 WCC: An urgent call to action for a just peace in Syria
26-Dec-2014 Urgent Call For Unceasing Prayer Over The Critical Flood Situation In The Northern Peninsular
13-Mar-2008 Urgent Call for Continued Prayer (Malaysian General Election 2008)
We thank God for the smooth, event-free election. We believe this has come about through all our prayers, so thank ...
12-Oct-2009 Typhoon Disaster: Report from the Philippine Relief and Development Services
18-Sep-2013 True Intercession Is Sacrificial - Pastor Philip Mantofa
12-Jan-2011 Transforming the Nation through the Local Church
Brief report for 2010
04-Jun-2013 To rally or not to rally: Young Christians question their pastors
22-Sep-2008 To Cross or Not to Cross?
The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) wishes to urge all Christians to pray for the nation in ...
23-Oct-2014 The Malaysia Day Prayer Celebration Declaration 2014
23-Oct-2014 The Malaysia Day Prayer Celebration 2014
03-Mar-2014 The Greater Kingdom Reality Calls Us to Stand Firm
30-Dec-2005 The decision of the High Court on Kaliammal Sinnasamy’s application concerning her deceased husband, Kpl. Moorthy a/l Maniam
"We want to convey a very strong message to the government that we are uneasy and uncomfortable ...Eventually, ...
06-Jan-2010 The Catholic Weekly, The Herald and the Case On the Use of the Word "Allah"

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