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Hudud - A Hazard to Harmony and Human Rights

13 March 2017

Memorandum to Members of NECF
Hudud – A Hazard to Harmony and Human Rights

Dear Pastors, Elders and Leaders,
Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord and Savior. 

The recent Hudud controversy has taken the centre stage in our media since Parliament began its proceeding on March 6, 2017. The Proposed Amendments to Act 355 brought much concern despite politicians saying that non-Muslims will not be affected by it.



The NECF Council has drafted a memorandum detailing this issue for her members as a follow up to the recent fact sheet released by Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM).

We strongly encourage for you to make copies of this memorandum readily available for your congregation. This memorandum will help them understand that Hudud does affect us all even though the politicians may say otherwise.

Though the memorandum is lengthy in content, it highlights the grave consequences that would affect the fundamental principles of justice, freedoms and rights of all Malaysians.

To download the memorandum please click here.

We also covet your prayers that our Members of Parliament will rise up to oppose this Proposed Amendments when it is tabled at the current parliamentary seating.

Thank you.
Yours in Christ
Rev Andy Chi
Assistant Secretary General

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