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Dear Pastors, Elders and Church Leaders,


Please consider sharing the prayer items below in your Church Prayer meetings:

1. The Second Meeting and Fifth Term of the 13th Parliament from July 24 to August 10
A. Pray for wisdom and blessings upon all the MPs and that all that they do will be for the interests of the Rakyat.

B. Pray that the MPs will be exemplary in speech and conduct and foster racial and religious harmony in this nation. Additionally, pray that all laws passed will advance the wellbeing, peace and prosperity of and not result in any racial and religious discrimination to among the Rakyat. 

C. Pray that RUU355 Hadi's Private Member's Bill currently listed no 10 in the list of Parliamentary motions will be defeated and the secular status of our beloved nation will be upheld. Although framed as a bill to increase the powers of the Syariah Courts to enable them to mete out harsher punishments for Syariah offenders, its implications and impact are expected to be far wider. MCCBCHST's, CFM's and NECF's statements detailing why this bill must be opposed may be read at their respective websites.

D. Pray that the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Bill 2016 will be passed. Following several child custody cases involving unilateral conversions of minor children to Islam, this bill seeks to amend the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 so as to prohibit the unilateral conversions of minors. This bill was withdrawn from the last Parliamentary Sitting after the Mufti of Perak objected to it.

2. Pastor Raymond Koh
It is nearly six months since the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh. Recently the police stumbled on a new lead after a shootout with a suspect in Kedah and three suspects are in custody to assist with the investigation. Pray that the investigative work of the police will bear fruit and for the wellbeing of Pastor Raymond Koh, his release by his abductors and his reunification with his family. 


Rev Andy Chi
Assistant Secretary-General

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