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[NECF] Financial Assistance for Non-Islamic Houses of Worship in Selangor

Dear Pastors/ Elders/ Leaders,

Financial Assistance for Non-Islamic Houses of Worship in Selangor   

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Selangor State Government has allocated RM 6 million annually since 2008 for the development of Non-Islamic religions. The financial assistance falls into 2 main categories as follows:

  • Renovations which cover maintenance or new construction; and
  • Religious activities which cover religious education or procurement of equipment for the purpose of religious classes or religious activities.             

In this regard, churches in Selangor who are interested are invited to submit their applications for the financial assistance based on the checklists which are provided by the State Administration. For this purpose, please click here. The closing date for submission of applications is 15 August 2019.
 In His service,
 Rev. Andy Chi

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