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Statement on Good & Responsible Citizenship

Description: March 3, 2004

Statement on Good and Responsible Citizenship

As Christians, we practice dual citizenship seeing that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God and also citizens of our earthly nation.

As citizens of our earthly homeland, we must be responsible citizens. Jesus established this worldview when he declared, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Earthly citizenship requires us to be responsible citizens of Malaysia.

As we approach the General Election, we would like all Malaysian Christians to consider the following "seven concerns and actions for good citizenship":

  1. As Christians, we must exercise the responsibilities of our citizenship in Malaysia.
  2. At the general election, you vote in two representatives, one for the state government and another for the federal government. Your elected representatives speak for your interests. Consider what they believe about issues that concern you, before you vote.
  3. The nation has voiced its support on anti-corruption. All corruption is a result of the sinfulness of man. Consider corruption as one of the central issues of this election.
  4. The Malaysian privatisation policy has brought many benefits of rapid development. But, the question to consider is whether the administration of these projects has been above reproach. Your representative will be able to answer all your questions regarding the privatisation policy and projects in your constituency.
  5. Responsible citizenship includes being aware of local issues, such as identifying the next development project in your neighbourhood and make it a responsibility to attend the hearing.
  6. Good governance requires transparency and openness in the administration, men and women of integrity and honesty, encouragement and affirmation for uprightness.
  7. Responsible and accountable citizenship requires us as Christians to "always speak the truth in love." A rightful relationship with the authority is an open door.

Finally, Romans 13 teaches obedience to authorities as a Christian duty and responsibility.  From voting to paying taxes, let us do it as good and responsible Christians.

3rd March 2004

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