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18-Jul-2012 Window of opportunity for school CFs and SPM Bible Knowledge classes
18-Jul-2012 CFM Letter to the Malaysian Churches & Christians on the Forthcoming 13th General Elections
Vote Wisely, Vote for a Better Malaysia
11-Jul-2012 Ordinary Women With Extraordinary Stories
31-May-2012 GDOP 2012: Call to unity for the Malaysian church
22-May-2012 New NECF Secretary-General
08-May-2012 Book Review: The Bible and the Ballot
02-May-2012 Celebrating 400 Years of the Malay-language Bible
30-Apr-2012 Discipleship in the Creative Arts
25-Apr-2012 MCCBCHST: Bersih has constitutional right to assemble peacefully
17-Apr-2012 CFM: Revoke ISA Orders
11-Apr-2012 CFM: Daulat Tuanku
10-Apr-2012 Developing Leaders, Intentionally
30-Mar-2012 CFM: CFM Strongly Protests Provocative Seminar On Unfounded Christian Threat To Muslims
15-Mar-2012 Church Holds Lovers' Night to Celebrate Marriage
02-Mar-2012 MCCBCHST: DR. HASAN ALI's Statement has tendency to incite and create religious tensions
19-Jan-2012 Pastors' Kids Retreat: Taking Home the Presence of God
09-Jan-2012 Ibans Rise for the Nation
05-Jan-2012 CFM: New Year message at PM's lunch 4 Jan 2012
03-Jan-2012 Father's Heart Children's Prayer Conference: Raising Child Intercessors
14-Dec-2011 NECF supports Cambodia flood outreach

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