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08-Jan-2013 MCCBCHST: Court's Duty under constitution to tackle conversion issues
02-Jan-2013 Prayer United: A Call to Prayer for the Nation
27-Nov-2012 MCCBCHST: NRD Must Recognise That Historically 'Bin' And 'Binti' Used By Both Christians And Muslims In Sabah And Sarawak
06-Nov-2012 Raising young women leaders
02-Nov-2012 Prayer United: Mobilising Prayer for Imminent General Elections (GE13)
01-Nov-2012 Tax deduction on tithes
29-Oct-2012 COSA: Compulsory mosques in new housing projects will polarise society
08-Oct-2012 Jubilee Celebration in Ipoh
04-Oct-2012 Be Steadfast, Daughters of Destiny
20-Sep-2012 Into the Jubilee Year - The Window of Opportunity Opens
14-Sep-2012 NECF: Support for WEA Against Anti-Islam Film Violence in Libya
05-Sep-2012 Prayer United: Year of Jubilee Celebrations
29-Aug-2012 CFM: Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day 2012 - Invest In The Future Of Malaysia
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31-Jul-2012 Prayer United - A National Platform for United Prayer
18-Jul-2012 Window of opportunity for school CFs and SPM Bible Knowledge classes
18-Jul-2012 CFM Letter to the Malaysian Churches & Christians on the Forthcoming 13th General Elections
Vote Wisely, Vote for a Better Malaysia
11-Jul-2012 Ordinary Women With Extraordinary Stories
31-May-2012 GDOP 2012: Call to unity for the Malaysian church
22-May-2012 New NECF Secretary-General
08-May-2012 Book Review: The Bible and the Ballot

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