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30-Mar-2015 SCC: Kelantans Shariah Criminal Code II Enactment 1993 (amended 2015)
27-Mar-2015 Disaster Response Training
25-Mar-2015 40-Day Fast & Pray Booklets
24-Mar-2015 Tamil Commission Young Pastors Gathering
24-Mar-2015 YouthNet Nazarite Training
20-Mar-2015 247@NECF Prayer Guide March - April 2015
11-Feb-2015 MCCBCHST: Negeri Sembilan Leads The Way
09-Feb-2015 MCCBCHST: One Million Translated Copies Of The Quran To Be Distributed To Non-Muslims A Cause For Concern
27-Jan-2015 Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur: Pastoral Letter about Herald
12-Jan-2015 Love East Coast Relief Response
29-Dec-2014 Love East Coast
27-Dec-2014 Prayer United: A Call to Prayer - The National Flood Crisis
26-Dec-2014 Urgent Call For Unceasing Prayer Over The Critical Flood Situation In The Northern Peninsular
10-Dec-2014 247@NECF Prayer Guide - December 2014
08-Dec-2014 CFM Responds to the MAIS Statement Issued During the Recent Return of the BM Bibles to the Bible Society of Malaysia
06-Dec-2014 BSM: Holy Scripture Desecrated Yet Again
19-Nov-2014 BSM: Release of the Seized Bibles
05-Nov-2014 Sabah Churches Move into a New Season
05-Nov-2014 Religious Freedom for the Church Post-Herald
04-Nov-2014 Barnabas Fund

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