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13-Mar-2014 Pray for Flight MH370
07-Mar-2014 Brief of Federal Court Hearing
03-Mar-2014 The Greater Kingdom Reality Calls Us to Stand Firm
28-Feb-2014 Lessons from the Contradictions of Nelson Mandela's Life
24-Feb-2014 Keeping track of the "Allah" court cases
19-Feb-2014 Book review: Berdialog dengan Gereja
13-Feb-2014 Chairman's Message: Dagon Cannot Stand
07-Feb-2014 Bumiputera Christians to fight dubious conversions
07-Feb-2014 Order now - 40-Day Fast & Prayer books
07-Feb-2014 How to lead and grow your organisation
Eagles Leadership Conference
29-Jan-2014 On turning the other cheek
17-Jan-2014 WCC: An urgent call to action for a just peace in Syria
15-Jan-2014 CFM Deeply Concerned Over Recent Acts of Escalating Tensions
13-Jan-2014 Praying Strategically for the Nation
09-Jan-2014 MCCBCHST: The JAIS Raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia is Wrong and Illegal
06-Jan-2014 Prayer United: Islamic Authorities Raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia
03-Jan-2014 CFM: JAIS Raid Violation of Constitutional Right and Cabinet's 10-Points Solution
03-Jan-2014 NECF Advisory: Responding to possible action against churches for using "Allah"
30-Dec-2013 MCCBCHST: Christmas and New Year Greetings
10-Dec-2013 Thank you for your support: Crisis relief update for Typhoon Haiyan

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