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21-Aug-2013 NECF: A Call for Prayer
05-Aug-2013 MCCBCHST: Does the Deputy Prime Minister Accuse All Non-Muslims of Insulting Islam?
26-Jul-2013 MCCBCHST: What has become of our National Schools?
20-Jul-2013 CFM: Christians Appalled by Statements of MB and Minister
05-Jul-2013 MCCBCHST: Gazetted Provision of Bahasa Malaysia Version of Section 95 (b) of the Administration of Islamic Laws (FT) Bill 1993 not passed by Parliament
28-Jun-2013 MCCBCHST: Conversion by Single Parent is Unconstitutional
18-Jun-2013 Frequently Asked Questions for Churches
Church registration / Registration of membership with NECF / Church property/land issues / Taxation, financial and ...
11-Jun-2013 Don't just vote, Jom Pantau!
06-Jun-2013 CFM: Malaysians Deserve A Police Force They Can Trust
04-Jun-2013 To rally or not to rally: Young Christians question their pastors
29-May-2013 NECF: Pastoral Communique - Priorities for the Church Post GE
17-May-2013 CFM: When, Why and How Christians Use the Word 'Allah'
14-May-2013 Prayer United: Mobilising Post-GE13 Prayer
13-May-2013 What is Malaysia MyHome?
10-May-2013 NECF: May 13 Day of Prayer against Racism
10-May-2013 CFM: Call for National Day of Prayer and Reflection Against Racism on 13 May 2013
02-May-2013 ACS: Pastoral Communique from the Bumiputera Church in Sabah and Sarawak
01-May-2013 CFM Abhors and Protests the Despicable Anti-Christian Message on Election Campaign Billboards
29-Apr-2013 NECF: Rev Eu Hong Seng elected as Chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)
19-Apr-2013 Prayer United: Mobilising Prayer for Polling Day - May 5, 2013

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