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10-Dec-2013 Commitment at the highest level: Nazarite Training for youths
27-Nov-2013 SCC: The Prime Minister Must Act Against Religious Intolerance
26-Nov-2013 Staking Their Lives for Their Land
26-Nov-2013 Making Disciples for the Public Sphere
26-Nov-2013 Church Missions and the Indian Community
25-Nov-2013 'Shalom' peace in the midst of strife
25-Nov-2013 Chairman's Message: Do Not Fret
25-Nov-2013 Equipping the Orang Asli Church
30-Oct-2013 Support full-time workers through the NECF Foundation and Group Insurance Scheme
28-Oct-2013 Sidang Injil Borneo Sabah : Pastoral Communique to Leaders and Members
21-Oct-2013 MCCBCHST: The Verdict on the word "Allah", Whose Loss, Whose Gain?
19-Oct-2013 NECF: Discerning and Understanding the Implications of The Herald Case Judgment by the Court of Appeal
14-Oct-2013 CFM: Courts Continue To Ignore Rights Of Christian Minority
11-Oct-2013 NECF: Prayer advisory for Catholic Herald
01-Oct-2013 "Allah" and Article 3: Practicing other religions in peace and harmony
18-Sep-2013 True Intercession Is Sacrificial - Pastor Philip Mantofa
09-Sep-2013 CFM: Stop Baseless Accusations And Calls For "Action" Over The Use Of The Word "Allah"
02-Sep-2013 The Catholic Herald and the "Allah" controversy
27-Aug-2013 CFM: A Nation For All
Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day 2013
23-Aug-2013 NECF: Continue with Fervent Prayers

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